No one has to do everything... but everyone can do something!

We're all sharing this one, amazing world. What will you do to help keep it that way? It just takes one small step to start making a difference. My change + your change + his change + her change... it all adds up!

Share your small step with #1World1Change
and encourage others to make a change!

About this site:

My name is Shara Clark, and I created this site as part of my master’s degree program through Project Dragonfly at Miami University. As I’ve focused on community engagement for conservation efforts, I’ve become more passionate about helping people feel empowered to make a difference. This site is meant to serve as an inspiration to people to try a small change to help make a big impact. If you want to reach out to me with ideas, comments, etc., you can email me at


Resources used for information on this site are:

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