Energy Savers

Lots of things in your home can impact your energy use. Saving on your next electric bill will make your bank account happy. But, saving the earth one step at a time is priceless!

  • Unplug! – the average American household has 40 products that are constantly plugged in, draining electricity that accounts for as much as 10% of our household energy use
  • Wash clothes in cold water – about 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions from a single load of laundry are from the heating of the water and studies have shown washing in cold is often just as effective
  • Change some bulbs – replacing just one incandescent bulb in every American home would save enough energy to provide electricity to 3 million American homes (EPA)
  • Program the temp – get a programmable thermostat and change the temperature when you’re not at home or while you’re sleeping
  • Change the temp – instead of turning up the heat two degrees, just throw on your favorite sweatshirt or cover up with a blanket
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