Food Smarts

Did you know what you put on your plate can make a big difference for the environment? Small changes in your kitchen can add up to big benefits!

  • Curb your purchases – the average family throws out $1,400 worth of food so make a list and only buy what you can eat
  • Compost – food makes up 22% of municipal waste and creates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide and methane – composting food scraps can cut down on that and it’s easier than you think
  • Eat meat one less day – the meat industry generates 1/5 of greenhouse gas emissions and uses a lot of land and corn production (not to mention the methane released from all those cows – seriously!)
  • Eat local and in season – the less your food has to travel, the less environmental impact it will have
  • Learn to use leftovers – freeze them, make a second meal, or share it with a neighbor
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