How You Can Help

No one has to do everything; but everyone can do something.

My name is Shara Clark, and I created this site as part of my master’s degree program through Project Dragonfly at Miami University. As I’ve focused on community engagement for conservation efforts, I’ve become more passionate about helping people feel empowered to make a difference. Even little changes add up when we all work together. This site is meant to serve as an inspiration to people to try a small change to help make a big impact. Check out the ideas on this site for simple changes you can make!

Another thing you can do is purchase a copy of The Day the Elephants Disappeared! I created this children’s book during my master’s degree program as well to encourage kids to learn some ways that they can make a difference. In the book, readers will meet Tia, a young girl who goes on an adventure after a disappointing visit to a zoo with no animals! She meets a new cheetah friend, Iggy, along the way who helps her learn what she can do to help. The book was inspired by an amazing trip to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, and proceeds from the book will be donated to help support the amazing conservation work they are doing!


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