Think twice before you start up your car or book your next trip. Fueling your travels is a big drain on the environment, but there are things you can do to help even if you can’t buy a hybrid vehicle!

  • Walk or ride a bike – if it’s close by, no need to drive, walking and biking are much better for the environment and help you get healthy at the same time!
  • Short trip? Drive don’t fly – it takes about 10 gallons of oil to make one gallon of jet fuel
  • Be a good driver – properly inflated tires and slower starts/stops can increase fuel efficiency cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and saving you money at the pump
  • Combine trips – it will equal better gas mileage and saves you time if you make all your stops while you’re out
  • Use public transportation – it will reduce the gridlock and pollution on the road, and you can safely multi-task during your ride
  • Skip the drive thru – turn your car off and walk in to order – idling for too long isn’t great for your car, plus it wastes fuel and adds to air pollution
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