Yard Improvements

It’s not just what you do inside your house that makes a difference. Small changes in even the smallest yard can add up!

  • Buy native plants – they take less water and time to keep them healthy in your yard
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly – what we use in our yard gets washed into local waterways and is a bigger threat to our local water sources than big business
  • Capture rainwater – a rain barrel or rain garden can help capture and purify water and cut back on the strain on city sewers
  • Plant for pollinators – about 90% of wild flowers and 75% of food crops depend on pollinators, but their numbers are dropping, when you plant more flowers, you can help
  • Properly dispose of pet waste – not picking it up washes bacteria into our waterways (studies show that up to 30% of bacteria in water from urban watershed samples is from our pooch pals)

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