Waste Reduction

It’s always best to consume less! But, here’s a list of simple changes that you can make to help reduce the amount of waste you create.

  • Skip the straw – Americans use 500 million straws every day, and those take hundreds of years to breakdown
  • Drink from a reusable bottle – bottled water is 2,000 times more expensive than tap water and 17 million barrels of oil are used per year making plastic bottles
  • Bring your own bag – plastic bags take 400-1,000 years to break down and as they do, they release plastic particles that contaminate soil and water, and wildlife can ingest them or get caught in them
  • Donate used clothes – the average American throws away about 80 pounds of clothes a year (some stores offer recycling programs, but you can always donate to charities!)
  • Fix it instead of replacing it – it’s always better to use something that’s already been made
  • Take advantage of curbside recycling – The energy saved by recycling a single aluminum can, or one glass bottle, could operate a television set for three hours
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